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Affiliate Marketing Services in India

Affiliate marketing services

Affiliate Marketing Services

Thousands of publishers profit from ongoing cash inflows every day by connecting with other businesses through affiliate programs. When you don't sell items or services, affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways to monetize your blog. Joining an affiliate program can give you exclusive access to fresh content and exclusive offers for your audience while also increasing your earnings. There are different types of affiliate programs available that range from online courses to site builders to marketing and business affiliates. Take a look at the best affiliate programs that carry the highest earning potential that ensures that you can make money from the content you provide.

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But before that, what is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is where a company pays another company or influencer (‘the affiliate’), a commission for driving visitors and/or sales in their way. This can be done via site content, social media, or product integration.

How do affiliates make money?

The affiliate gets an exclusive link (an “affiliate link”) from which clicks can be tracked using cookies. The cookie then tracks the user to check if they had made a purchase. If they do within a specific time, the affiliate will get a commission.

A cookie’s “duration” or “cookie life” simply explains how long the cookie will monitor the user’s online activities.

For instance, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral must make a purchase within 30-days after clicking your affiliate link for you to be paid or else the lead will be lost.

If you are interested in affiliate programs, here are the different types of programs. So pick one that’s best for your business.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are a few affiliate schemes to consider if you want to market your products or services. When selecting an affiliate program, consider the channels or platforms where your target audience spends the majority of their time. For example, while investigating new items, does your buyer persona read blog articles, cruise through Facebook, or use search engines?

 Alternatively, is your buyer always looking for a good deal and loves links on coupon sites? Or are they interested in conducting lots of research and reviews before purchasing, making your promotion on a review site more fruitful?

Even though those are the questions you have to answer yourself, here are the affiliate program types you need to start before brainstorming ways to market your efforts.

1. Search Affiliates

With this program, you'll have many freelancers or entrepreneurs pay their own money to endorse your offer on search results or other online advertising platforms such as Facebook. Though you should make sure your affiliate partner does all the search and advertising guidelines, it would benefit a lot if your affiliate partner has an SEO background and wants to do an A/B test to check which ads generate the most referrals for you, the highest ROI for them etc.

2. Bloggers and Influencers

If you find impressive bloggers or social media influencers who connect with your industry and who engage with your ideal audience regularly, you might partner with them. For instance, if you sell kitchen appliances, consider partnering with a YouTube influencer who is a chef or those who post recipes regularly. You can ask if they would feature your appliance as a “recommended tool” on their channel. This could reach the target audience you intended who can look up your website and if they like will even buy the appliances you provide. It could also mean additional revenue for the influencer.

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3. Review Sites

If you are providing an expensive or specialty product or service, it's possible that most of your customers will need to do some research before buying. If that's the case, researching the best review sites for your product or service can be a good idea. Inquire with the company or writer who published the piece about the possibility of including a referral link to your product or service in the content.

4. Coupon sites

If you're introducing a new product or service that isn't yet popular, consider forming a limited-time affiliate partnership with a coupon website. Though you don't want to lose your money by giving your goods out for free, it might be a good strategy to encourage some new customers to visit your website and become loyal brand followers.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent choice when done in small doses. No one wants constant reminders of products and services they aren’t interested in. It is important to consider who is receiving the mail which would be an effective method before sending out bulk emails.

Affiliate program commission payment types

The affiliate program commission payment model is categorized into various sections and it’s important that you know about them to make a proper decision about what type of ads you want to run on your websites.

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