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Brand Awareness Services

Ever heard of people claiming themselves as “Apple people” or the “Nike people”? That’s what brand awareness can do to your brand and brand users. It embeds itself in our lifestyles and daily habits. This way consumers won’t think twice before becoming a customer again and again thus becoming loyal fan followers.

Brand awareness is a crucial step to expanding your brand and business. Digi Versatile Solutions are one of the top branding agencies in Hyderabad that offer you efficient and cost-effective tools to create captivating content.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness signifies how much your target audience connects with your brand and how well they recognize it. Brands with high brand awareness are called “trending”, “buzzworthy” or just “popular”. Establishing brand awareness is necessary to market and promote your company, products and services, especially in the beginning phase of your business.

Brand awareness may feel murky and the truth is, it is. If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur who measures success with good and high numbers, brand awareness will give you a reality check. However, just because it isn’t giving good numbers doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. Brand awareness is very much important for the success of a business and overall marketing goals. Here’s why.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness builds trust.

In today’s world where consumers rely on comprehensive research and other’s opinions/reviews before making a purchase, brand trust is everything. Once a consumer connects with your brand, chances are they will make repeat purchases without thinking too much which closes the distance between trust and loyalty. Brand awareness builds that brand trust. When you associate a familiar face with your brand name, consumers trust it easily. For instance, Byju’s App associates with King Khan or a soap advertisement with prominent stars. Brand awareness gives your brand an identity and a channel to be sincere, get feedback and tell a story. These are the ways we humans connect with each other and build trust so the brand and human relationship isn’t any different.

Brand awareness creates a relationship.

When you cut your fingers, you put on a Band-Aid. When you have a question in mind, you Google it and when you are thirsty you grab a Coke. You see the connection. Notice how we capitalized a few words – they are not nouns, they are Brands. So to speak in a brand-less manner, Band-Aid should be called a bandage, Google as a search engine and Coke as a beverage. But it’s fun to call it by the brand name itself, even though we don’t use the product. This is exactly what brand awareness does. It builds a relationship by connecting actions with brands subconsciously motivating us to replace generic words with brand terms.

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Brand awareness builds brand equity.

Brand equity describes the brand’s value determined by user experiences and the overall perspective of the brand. Positive experiences gather positive brand equity and the same for negative feedback.

Here are some of the valuable things that you get from a positive user experience:

How to establish a brand and boost brand equity? By building brand awareness and constantly providing positive experiences. Brand awareness is the core of brand equity.

Once a consumer knows about a brand, they are aware of it without any assistance and make a purchase while preferring it over other similar brands. This will establish loyalty between the user and the brand that will lead to more purchases and encourage them to recommend it to family and friends.

Hence, brand awareness is important as it establishes trust and makes your brand become a household name. We at Digi Versatile Solutions are the leading hyderabad branding companies who can increase brand awareness by offering personalized solutions that cater to your industry.

Building brand awareness

Brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to establish a connection between the audience and the company. Here are some ways to build a brand awareness foundation.

Your users can offer proper analytical insights if the above-mentioned things are taken care of.

Brand Awareness Strategy

You already know how to begin establishing your brand from scratch. Now it's time to create a basic yet effective brand awareness strategy to keep the ball rolling.

Brand Awareness strategy

How to raise Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness is now successfully off the ground, and people are talking about your brand without the need to see an ad.

But what about expanding your established brand awareness and growing on that? What can you do as a brand to boost awareness and increase it?

Some of the ideas include using tools such as Freemium, creating more content such as infographics, and videos, sponsoring events such as cliff diving, Motocross, etc., podcast and so on.

We at Digi Versatile Solutions are a group of professionals who have had years of experience in raising brand awareness, credibility and trust. Our team will help you create a multichannel plan that will reach your key audiences to form brand loyalty in the years to come. This is what makes us one of the best brand consulting firms in Hyderabad and in India.

Our Planning Process Includes:

1. Situation analysis

Our team of experts will check your key goals and audiences and the performance of your current strategy. After careful scrutiny, we will provide insights on how to boost brand awareness.

2. Tactical planning

Our expertise combined with situation analysis can help in building a customized brand awareness plan tailored for you.

3. PR and marketing execution

Our execution team works together with strategists to create, manage and provide you with a multichannel brand awareness program such as PR, designing, copywriting, etc.

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Trusted By Leading Brands Around The World

With Digi Versatile Solutions expertise in the digital arena, we create and translate your brand identity in the most creative, humane and emotive ways possible through our digital influencers.

Can our approach increase your company’s visibility, products and services? Contact us to know more.

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