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Designing a logo may look simple but ask any designer and they will tell you that it can be a challenge. To portray your company’s identity in a visual image can be a challenge but an amazing designer can do it for you. If you are looking for logo designing services in Hyderabad, then we are ready to serve you.

Logo Design Service

What is a logo?

Remember a half bitten apple? We all know what that is. Apple is one of the top companies in the world. The brand and the logo speak volumes about the company – that’s the power of a logo.

A logo is a symbol or design that is used to represent the company and its products, services and workforce.

Your logo also creates an opportunity to say a statement about your company. For instance, Amazon. The smiley arrow says that the company sells everything from A-Z while declaring how happy the customers are when they shop with Amazon.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the differences between commonly confused brand terms.

Your brand Vs Your Brand Identity Vs Your Logo Design

The first thing you need to understand is that your brand, your brand identity and your logo design are not the same.

Your brand

Your brand represents the business image as a whole. This includes your brand mission, vision, story, and brand strategy all combined together.

Your brand identity

Your brand identity is the graphic illustration of your brand. While logo design is part of the brand identity, there is more such as the language, typographic, photography style used in your brand communication, and so on.

When you work with logo designing services in Hyderabad like us, we not only design but also develop your brand and create a brand identity document called Brand Identity Guidelines.

This can then be used when you collaborate with others to visually represent your brand.

Your Logo Design

Using a logo mark, textual approach, or a combination of both, your logo design defines your company in its most basic form.

It's as simple as that. Your logo design is the most basic visual depiction of your company. Be it Apple or Nike, the best logos are the ones that are kept as simple as possible.

How does logo design work?

Logo design shoulders many responsibilities and one among them is building trust and recognition among the audience. It plays a huge role in building success for your business.

Once you place your logo, you are giving it the “seal of approval” officially which means that the logo stands for what your company believes in.

Your logo can make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Take for instance McDonald’s and Burger King. Though Burger King offers much better quality food, it’s the logo of McDonald’s that is imprinted in your mind and is the most successful logo.

We bet it didn’t even take a second to bring McDonald’s logo in mind but Burger King can be a bit foggy.

The key to why McDonald’s logo wins is for two reasons – (1) it depicts the brand in the easiest way possible through the letter M of McDonald’s but also (2) the yellow arc symbolizes French Fries that remind the consumers of the taste, smell and the feeling.

Because of that, they are considered one of the most successful logos of all time.

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Why choose Digi Versatile Solutions – Professional Logo design Service Company in India

A fantastic logo design can boost brand visibility and pull users towards your company. At Digi Versatile Solutions, the professional logo design company in Hyderabad, we design attractive logos that enhance your brand value at economical rates. Our logo designing experts create magic using aesthetic graphical components, attractive color palette, intricate inscriptions and brilliant design art that will make your logo a trendsetter.


Some of the iconic brands carry the simplest and most powerful logos. We at Digi Versatile Solutions are one of the best logo designing service providers in Hyderabad. Our expert team knows how to combine calligraphy, design, and symbols and give an aesthetic appeal to create an effective logo. The logo can prompt emotions about your brand that will help the users recall that can ultimately grow your customer base.

We have been in the field for a few years and have hands-on experience in various industries. Our designing experts can deliver high quality and innovative business logo design services for all your needs. As a trusted logo design service provider in India, we have served more than thousands of clients worldwide.


Things to remember while creating a logo design

Your logo design must have these 5 features:


If your logo isn’t memorable, then what’s the point? When your logo is memorable, it builds brand recognition and for that, it has to be simple.

memorable logo
graphic design services hyderabad


That’s right. The simpler the better. Don’t complicate your logo. Filter your logo as much as possible till what remains is the core and then ask yourself “if it represents your business?”

If yes, then you have yourself a winning logo


Your logo design will be placed on various platforms – be it huge hoardings or social media platforms or press releases. Hence, always ensure that your logo design works at 2mm x 2mm just as it works with 100m x 100m.

Make sure to have your logo design created in both raster (i.e. JPEG and PNG) and vector (EPS or Illustrator) formats.



You need to have a proper logo. The typography, color, tone, etc. matters. So make sure you pick the right shade and typography that represents your brand.

Eternal and evergreen

An evergreen logo design is crucial. To state an example, Coca Cola’s design has barely changed over the years. They are consistent and hence remain relevant.

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As one of the prominent logo design companies in India, we have expert logo designers who have created the best designs not only for small businesses but big brands as well. Our logo design services are customized to suit the client’s needs. Every business is different and needs a different approach to stand from the rest. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and detailed proposal on your logo needs and work with the best logo designers in the industry.

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