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Marketing Collateral Design Services?

Marketing collateral is ideal to boost brand awareness, provide information about your products and services and communicate about what makes your business a class apart from the rest. The types of marketing collateral we provide are used as digital assets to boost the efforts of the sales team while communicating with prospects and setting qualified appointments.

When done effectively, good marketing collateral can give the business an immense edge over its competition. If you are looking for best marketing collateral design services in Hyderabad, then Digi Versatile Solutions is here for you.

How to create amazing marketing collateral?

Do not create marketing collateral just for the sake of having something. It is not worth your time, money and effort. For creating amazing marketing collateral, you need to set plans, goals and resourceful people who can create effective, professional-looking content. For that, you need to know where you should start.

Put your audience first

Though it is obvious, make sure to keep your audience in mind before creating marketing collateral. Who are you talking to? What are their concerns, likes, and dislikes? What motivates them? Knowing who you are dealing with helps the audience to make a decision, bring solutions and do whatever they are looking for. Only then can you find what you want.

Stay loyal to your brand

Irrespective of how different every piece of marketing collateral is, your brand must be constant. Be it the same logos or certain photos, you need to ensure your designer team and marketing team retain a specific look and feel thus maintaining brand consistency. To prevent its misuse, make sure to establish brand guidelines. Technology like the digital asset management (DAM) platform ensures people have access to marketing collateral and design files but only to resources that have been approved and on-brand.

Use data to make informed decisions

You can create many marketing collateral but unless you really know it’s active, it just isn’t worth your time. Take time to figure out what’s working and what’s not so that you can optimize your efforts. Talk to your customers and ask about the content they need, but make sure to look at the numbers too. You can use tools like Google Analytics, DAM Insights, and even analysis of unique identifiers such as redemption codes to get the hardcore data you need.

What is marketing collateral?

Marketing collateral is any type of digital or printed material that is used to promote the company’s brand message, products and services. There are a variety of formats that range from printed brochures to posters, videos, e-books, newsletters, and much more. It is important to know what you are planning to achieve to determine the type of marketing collateral that is best for your business.

Every business has different goals in mind. However, the majority of businesses that create marketing collateral use it as a sales support tool. They use it to spread awareness and rely on it to get new leads. This is also used to support current customers, enhance loyalty and ultimately get repeat clients.

That said, marketing collateral is not just an asset to the sales team. Many companies use it to achieve goals that are unrelated to income. For instance, if a company is dealing with low workforce morale, it can use it to promote new initiatives that can improve the workplace culture. Or a company that is looking for a complete rebrand can use marketing to drive acceptance of a new brand identity and guidelines. Regardless of the case, marketing collateral carries many applications for any audience and any goal – the key is to understand how to make it work.

Different types of marketing collateral

Both traditional and digital marketing channels support different types of marketing collateral. Based on your audience and goals, choose marketing collateral types that work for your content

The conventional way of marketing still has its place in the market. Though it uses pre-internet channels such as print, display and even postal, it is still an effective way to get revenue for many businesses. In certain cases, it gives companies a break from the web ambience. While for others, it’s the best way to give consumers a gentle nudge after an FTF meet or a trade show. The best part is there are a lot of options. Here are some of them.

Services We Offer

Brochures & Catalogs

 Get exciting materials prepared by our marketing collateral design experts using state-of-the-art technologies that connect with your business goals

Datasheets, white papers and case studies

 Delivering dynamic PDFs that engage with your audience and will sell your brand effectively


 Visuals that communicate easily while carrying a huge source of information so that the target audience can understand easily.

Logo Design Service


Grab clients’ attention using effective and powerful sales presentations

Copywriting and Editing Services

 Creating web content services which include content polishing, editing and recreating.

Digital marketing collateral types

With the help of the internet, you can reach out to more people with your marketing collateral. In certain cases, you can even use traditional collateral in the digital space. It also works the other way around. For instance, you can create a web-friendly version of your brochure or purchase “display” ads on third-party websites. Though the concept remains the same, the strategy is a tad different.

Here are some of the digital marketing collateral examples.

Why invest in marketing collateral?


Why ChooseDigi Versatile Solutions?

We are one of the best marketing collateral design service providers in Hyderabad. Digi Versatile Solutions actively creates meaningful, dynamic connections between people, products, and businesses by combining insights, narration, and technology.

You may have the best products and services in the industry, but it’s just as crucial to selling them to the correct audience. As the industry becomes more competitive, there is a greater need to enhance marketing collateral in order to capture the audience’s attention and clearly explain the advantages of your services.

Digi Versatile Solutions is one of the leading marketing collateral design service providers in India that provide end-to-end business solutions, from product brochures to company presentations, and will guarantee that the marketing materials generated are consistent with your business brand.

Providing marketing collateral services that include innovative support and technological skills to promote your brand across print and internet media.

Our team of experts will assist you in generating engaging presentations, infographics, and brochures that crisply and beautifully explain your story to the end-user.

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